The Speakers

Touting the best speakers from the most obscure niches – this year’s speakers were spectacular.

Jane Mainbrain

Jane’s background in Environmental research has made her indispensable in her current position as Chief Science Officer for leading cybernetics NGO, GrowSmart. Her hour-long keynote highlighted the very real possibilities of  ‘plant-learning’, a radical new combination of AI technology and old school botany. 

Owain Kellinberry

Taking the long way round, Owain retrained in Plant Science after reaching the end of his career ladder in the Finance industry. With a speciality in Research management, his talk focused on how to get the most out of your staff and approaching hiring as an opportunity rather than a chore.

Johann Brittlewitt

The Brittlewitt’s are known throughout Norway as one of the most venerable Science families in the country. Generations of his family have dedicated their lives to the nurturing of a Norway’s most precious biological species and he was kind enough to bring some with him, to show us the true power of the Norwegian daffodil.

Carol-Ann Waketalk

Business and science are two reluctant bedfellows that are often found to be at odds with one another. After three failing businesses and going bankrupt twice, Carol-Ann has truly learnt the hard way. Her powerful talk on how best to balance business priorities with scientific reasoning was a true eye-opener and a great way to close out our keynotes.