Plant-Based Events for your Calendar

If you missed out on the Plant Science Convention back in 2015, then don’t despair!

Each year, all over the world, dozens of Plant Science related conferences and conventions take place.

We’ve collected a few of the standouts that it might be worth visiting. For conferences that take place this year, it might be a little late to submit any work, but any event in 2018 should still be fair game for any Scientist who fancies submitting a thesis or symposium.

Take a look at these conferences and don’t forget to book your accommodation well ahead of schedule!

3rd Global Summit on Plant Science – 7th-9th August 2017 – Rome, Italy

Looking to jump-start your next big research project? Invented a new tool or process that could revolutionise the industry? Or perhaps you’re an investor simply looking for a prospect worthy of your attention?

Rome hosts this year’s 3rd Summit on Plant Science; a truly international conference that collects a wide spread of Scientists and Researchers who’ve all descended upon Italy with the purpose of sharing their ideas and hopefully gaining some kind of support for their work. With Tracks in Biochemistry, Bio-technology and Forest Ecology, just to name a few, this one’s not to be missed.

Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology – 11th-13th September 2017 – Valencia, Spain

If you’re a graduate, junior scientist or student, then you’ll want to mark this particular date in your calendar. The Magnus Group specialises in bringing together disparate parts of the Science community, in order to provide a greater level of collaboration between different parties.This Conference is a chance for young people to pitch their ideas to experienced, senior scientists.

With a wide-range of programs, including workshops, poster sessions and symposia, this conference is a chance for any junior researchers to interactively present their work to senior level scientists who have the connections, to bring their ideas to life.

Conference on ‘Seed quality of native species – ecology, production and policy’ – 25th-29th September 2017 – Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Closer to home and much more focused than any of the other events on our list, this conference will best suit scientists who are looking for a more concise experience that will give them plenty of ideas to mull over.

Nestled in the idyllic grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens, this one-off event is a perfect chance for specialists to get a clearer perspective on the important matters of seed quality and everything else related to the manufacturing of seeds. Speakers include Dr Ken Thompson, Prof Costas Thanos and Donald MacIntyre.

3rd International Conference on Plant Science & Physiology – 21st-22nd May 2018 – Osaka, Japan

Lastly, this Conference is perhaps the best chance that you’ll have of meeting International investors who will have a genuine interest in the work that you are currently undertaking. With a strong focus on Agricultural and Horticultural Science, you can guarantee that there’ll be investors with big pockets here.

If you’re currently doing any research into Plants that offer a specific Commercial or Consumer benefit, then this is the one to go for. Speakers include Anna Kot (University of Life Sciences, Lublin, Poland) and Nilesh Nirmal (University of Queensland, Australia).

As with all these events, ticketsĀ areĀ limited so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment – happy investment hunting!